Hjalmar Sjögren


jalmar Sjögren was born 1856 in Värmland and followed in his father’s (Anton Sjögren (1822-1893)) foot step as geologist, mineralogist and mining engineer. After studies in Stockholm and Lund he was appointed assistant professor in geology and mineralogy at the University of Uppsala in 1882. Between 1885 and 1889 he worked as geologist for the Nafta Company of the Nobel brothers in Baku but returned to Sweden and was named professor in geology and mineralogy at the University of Uppsala.

H. Sjögren
Hjalmar Sjögren

In 1890 Sjögren married Anna Nobel, a daughter of Ludvig Nobel (brother of Alfred Nobel). With the backing of the economic resources of his wife he left his position as professor in 1894 to pursue private businesses, among other ventures he was the sole owner of the Sala silver mine. In 1901 he returned to academic life as professor of mineralogy and head of the mineralogy section of Riksmuseet, a position that he held till his death 1922.

He travelled extensively, to US, South Africa, Mexico and Canada and was a keen collector of books and minerals. He donated his vast mineral collection Riksmuseet and expressed the intent to donate his library to IVA. His wish came to fulfilment through the donation of the library by his widow Anna in 1928.