Important Books by Topics

Out of the total of about 3600 titles almost 600 can be considered of significant importance (See E. Göransson Further Reading). These publications have been divided into 26 topics according to the system employed by Hjalmar Sjögren.


Andrusov, N.: Fossile und lebende Dreissensidae Eurasiens. St. Petersburg 1897.

Beringer, J. B. A.: Lithographia Wirceburgiensis etc. Wurzburg 1726.

Born, I. von: Index fossilium etc. Prag 1772-75.

Buckland, W.: Reliquiae diluvianae etc. 2nd ed. London 1824.

Cuvier, G.: Recherches sur les ossemens fossiles etc. 3e ed. Paris 1825.

Knorr, G. W.: De natuurlyke historie der versteeningen etc. Amsterdam 1773.

Lindley, J. & Hutton, W.: The fossil flora of Great Britain etc. London 1831-37.

Lloyd, E.: Lithophylacii britannici ichnographia etc. Oxford 1760.

Mora, A. L.: De crostacei etc. Venedig 1740.

Sowerby, J.: The mineral conchology of Great Britain. London 1812-21.

Wodward, J.: Attempts towards a natural history of the fossils of England etc. London 1728-26.